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Port Said Scientific Journal of Nursing (PSJN) is a double-blind peer review journal published semi-annually. Authors are invited to submit their work on any topic of wide spectrum coverage including nursing, medicine, surgery, public health and epidemiology. Submission of articles is on understanding that the article has not been previously published in any other form and is not accepted for publication elsewhere.       

Current Issue: Volume 10, Issue 4, December 2023 

Factors Affecting Sleep Pattern Disturbance for Hemodialysis Patients in Port Said Hospitals

Pages 1-22

Hayat Mohamed Abdelkader; Elsayeda Gamal Boghdady; Abdo Elsayed Elsehrawy

Relationship between Nurse Managers' Innovation and Crisis Management at Healthcare Organizations

Pages 23-48

Hind Abdullah Mohamed; Karima AE Mohammed Abu Elenin; Sanaa Abdel-Azeem Ibrahim

Assess of Maternal Practices on Quality of Life for Their Epileptic Children

Pages 77-96

Hanaa Elsayed Mohamed; Amal Ahmed Khalil; Rehab Hanie EL-Kazaz; Azza Mohamed Fathy

Occupational Health Hazards and Safety Measures among Hairdresser Workers in Port Said City

Pages 97-117

Fatma Magdy Elsayed; Gehad Mohammed Abu- Elmatty; Naglaa Ibrahim Gida; Fatma El-Emam Hafez

Effect of Structured Audio Educational Sessions on Knowledge and Hygienic Practices Regarding Menstruation for Visually Impaired Adolescent Girls

Pages 193-223

Manar Fathy Heiba; Fathia Mahmoud AbdElmenim; Hend Salah-Eldin Mohammed; gehan ahmed elbahlowan; Safa Gaber Salem

Effect of Applying Health Belief Model on Osteoarthritis Preventive Behaviors in Middle-Aged Women

Pages 254-280

Fatma elzhraa Hassan Abdu Elryes; Gehad Mohammed Abu Elmaaty; Nahed Abdel Azeem Abdel Salam; Mai Elghareap Hassan

Catheter Dwell Time and Its Risk of Failure for Adult Patients with Peripheral Venous Catheters

Pages 281-305

Alaa A. Fahmy; Mona Abed El-Rahman Abd El Ghaffar; Elsaida Aly Gamal Boghdady

Educational Program for Caregivers Regarding Elderly Abuse in Port Said City

Pages 306-333

Shaimaa Awad Maan; Gehad Mohamed Abo El Maaty; Naglaa Ibrahim Mohamed Ghida; Maha Moussa Mohamed

Effectiveness of an Educational Program on Self-Care Management of Colostomy Patients

Pages 334-361

Hayat Ahmed Abdelkader; Fatma Belal Belal; Naglaa EL-Sayed Mahdy; Mona Abd ELRhamen Mohammed

Assessment of Knowledge and Hygienic Practices Regarding Menstruation for Visually Impaired Adolescent Girls

Pages 362-389

Manar Fathy Heiba; Hend Salah-Eldin Mohammed; Fathia Mahmoud AbdElmenim; gehan ahmed elbahlowan